Customer Berates Pizza Worker for His Accent

A video posted to Youtube shows a man berating an employee of Little Vincent’s Pizza for speaking English with an accent.

While other customers tell the man to leave, the man continues to complain, mocking the employee’s speech, and  saying that he too came from another country and had learned English. When the employee says he might call the police, the man replies, “You call them, you call them–let’s see if there are illegals here or not.”  When he continues to demand that the police be called and says the employee isn’t answering his questions, the employee replies, “I don’t speak English very well,” and the customer says, “Oh, no, you don’t, do you.” 

After demanding his slice of pizza, and amid demands from other customers to get out, the man walks out the door, and a woman tells the employees “you are awesome and we love you.”

The video is dated Sept. 10.

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