PSEG-LI Offers Relief to Federal Workers and Others

PSEG-LI said Thursday that customers experiencing financial hardship, including furloughed federal workers, should contact the utility to discuss relief on their electric bills.

The utility said that eligible customers experiencing acute financial hardship could receive a 60-day grace period. Residents seeking assistance should call 1-800-490-0025.

“Financial hardship, whether expected or unexpected, can affect anyone,” said Rick Walden, vice president of customer operations, PSEG Long Island. “Temporary payment relief has long been something we have offered to eligible customers to spare them from being shut off while they re-establish some stability. Our customer service representatives also are prepared to discuss procedures for establishing payment schedules, should such arrangements be needed.”

Customers who are under the grace period should call back if they need an extension. Customers can also speak to representatives at any of PSEG Long Island’s customer service centers.

PSEG Long Island reminds furloughed government employees and other customers facing financial hardship that assistance is also available from other programs on Long Island:

  • Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) – This federally funded program assists with heat or heat-related emergencies with no payback required.
  • Project Warmth – Project Warmth is a United Way of Long Island emergency assistance program to help families and individuals with energy emergencies.  It provides one-time assistance for fuel and fuel-related electricity.
  • Household Assistance Program – PSEG Long Island’s Household Assistance Program provides a credit on every electric bill for customers who receive benefits from certain non-utility financial assistance programs.

For more information on these programs, please visit or call 516-454-4331 to speak with one of a consumer advocate.

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