PSEG Volunteers Give a D-Day Anniversary Assist to Veteran and Wife

PSEG-LI volunteers returned Thursday to the home of a Melville  veteran and his wife to help them tidy up and make small repairs.

Morris “Monty” Koffer, and his wife, Edith, asked the group to return after their initial visit in December. Koffer, who is 97, is a World War II veteran and Thursday’s visit coincided with the 75th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Europe.

The group of about 20 utility employees did a spring cleaning, painting handrails, working on the yard, cleaning out the garage, and helping get rid of piles of unwanted memorabilia.

The Army Air Force veteran served in Connecticut during the war. He and his wife chatted with visitors, with Koffer telling stories of his exploits as a radio man during the war, and, though he was long since out of the military, being summoned to provide his radio skills when the USS Constellation caught fire at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in 1960.

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