Report: Teens Brawl at Half Hollow Hills Library

About a half dozen students got into a brawl Wednesday at the Half Hollow Hills Community Library, according to News12.

The brawl occurred about 3:30 p.m., with the students leaving before police arrived.

Half Hollow Hills East High School is directly across the street from the library.

News12 said that school district officials issued a statement that read, “District officials were made aware of the incident at the public library after school today and we’ve asked their staff for more information about it. Our district leaders plan to meet with library officials soon to discuss the best ways to help keep our children safe.”

Last year, the behavior of students was one of the issues raised at a meeting where trustees were attempting to oust the library director, who had  backed the library as a community center. Library employees, many of whom requested anonymity, complained about students who left trash, were rude to employees, and loud. The library director was eventually replaced.

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