Report: Town to Investigate Lupinacci Crash

Newsday reported Thursday that the town of Huntington will investigate a vehicle crash involving Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci who crashed his town-owned vehicle into a utility pole.

A week after the Aug. 8 crash, the town acknowledged the accident and said Lupinacci, who was slightly injured, walked away from the scene to find help when he couldn’t locate his cellphone. The crash was reported about 12:45 on West Hills Road near Chichester Home. The town later said Lupnacci walked toward his home in Melville, about a half a mile away and came across a passing motorist, who he asked to summon help.

Councilman Gene Cook, who is running for town supervisor on the Stop LIPA Party line,  said too many questions remain about the accident and complained that the board had not bee notified about the accident. The 2018 Chevy Tahoe sustained about $22,000 in the crash, the town estimated.

Suffolk police told Newsday in August that it was investigating its own investigation of the crash. According to the town, Lupinacci slid on wave pavement and into the pole. But was not cited, the town said, for the crash or for leaving the scene of an accident.

Lupinacci is not seeking re-election in November.

Town Records Reveal Details on Lupinacci Car Crash





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