S. Huntington Water District Imposes Irrigation Restrictions Starting May 1

The South Huntington Water District, citing the possible shortage of disinfectants, will impose lawn-watering restrictions effective May 1.

In a letter sent to district residents, the board of commissioners of the district said that the water was safe, not threatened by the coronavirus, and that there was no need to stockpile bottled water.

But, the letter continued,  “If the pandemic stretches into summertime when water usage peaks, we are concerned about potential supply chain shortages of disinfectants that all water supplies are mandated to use…With this very possible eventuality in mind, and given water conservation properties for drinking and fire protection,” the board approved the watering limits, which will run from May 1-Sept. 30.

The mandatory irrigation limits are:

  • Even-numbered houses on even-numbered calendar days
  • Odd-numbered houses on odd-numbered calendar days
  • Houses without numbers can water only on odd-numbered days

The board called the decision to impose limits “a proactive response.”

The commissioners also asked that people not start lawn irrigation until May 1.

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