Scam Alerts on Charities, Covid-19 Vaccines

Medicare has issued an alert warning against several scams involving the Covid-19 vaccine.

The federal agency covers the cost of the vaccine, warning recipients to never provide their Medicare card number. And never pay to join a list to get the vaccine, get early access to it or provide any information to anyone calling or emailing for personal or financial information. It asks people to contact the Federal Trade Commission or call 1-800-MEDICARE. And check out for information on the COVID-19 vaccine.

Helping Hand Rescue Mission reported that an out of state resident conned a donor into sending her gifts, claiming HHRM had suggested she reach out. The Rev. Kim Gambino of Helping Hands said, “We don’t know the person who did this but we are not happy about it AT ALL.”

The organization does not solicit contributions by phone and urges people to contact HHRM to donate, at 631-351-6996.

Similarly, Facebook posters complained about a scam last week in Nassau County involving a woman who claimed she had just moved to the area and no money or food for the weekend for her family, leading to donations that turned out to be a scam.


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