Schools: Ready for Science Olympiad; Google Visit

The Huntington High School Science Olympiad club is getting ready for the Eastern Long Island regional championships at Hauppauge on Jan. 27.

“Science Olympiad competitions are like academic track meets,” according to the organization’s website. “Each year, a portion of the events are rotated to reflect the ever-changing nature of genetics, earth science, chemistry, anatomy, physics, geology, mechanical engineering and technology. By combining events from all disciplines, Science Olympiad encourages a wide cross-section of students to get involved. Emphasis is placed on active, hands-on group participation. Through Science Olympiad, students, teachers, parents, principals and business leaders bond together and work toward a shared goal.”

The Huntington  program is led by teachers Matt Liguori and Amelia Saggese. The Science Olympiad club’s executive board consists of Sam McGloin (president), Jennifer Vallejo-Ortiz (vice president), Katherine Estrada (treasurer) and Emma Polinsky (public relations). Team members also include Genesis Acevedo, Mayra Aguilar Rivera, Melvin Avelar-Romero, Jordana Boxer, Jupiter Brown, Richard Davis, Valerie Ferreira, Natalie Garcia, Lyo Gonzalez, Christopher Granados Alfaro, Veda Gross, Jayden Hoff, Rachel Huth, Sena Knopf, Samantha Koepele, Naomi Lyons, Michael Mendikyan, Yexson Molina Arevalo, Claire Parks, Jack Ruthkowski, Brayan Santo-Mendez, Audrey Sherwood, Deandre Simmons, Jaipreet Singh, Ella Van Horn, Emily Veliz and Angel Villatoro.

Northport Maps Google Workplace

Several Northport High School students and staff recently visited Google’s
Manhattan headquarters to explore the workspaces and office layouts that have
become synonymous with the tech giant’s work culture. The trip not only gave
students insight into the work culture at Google, but inspiration for how they can create a
similar environment in their own school.

During the trip, students met with Google engineers working on the Google
Classroom team to discuss how their office spaces contribute to a collaborative
environment. From various seating arrangements to specific furniture styles, students will
take what they saw and incorporate it into designs for the school’s small commons. The
space, which currently houses lockers,will be refurbished this summer to become
a functional space for students.

Junior Lily Eagen said “One thing I took away from this experience was the balance
between private and collaborative spaces. I enjoyed that at Google, everyone had a choice on which space fit them for a particular date or time, which was really cool! I hope to incorporate this idea into the small commons in the future.”

Sophomore Satya Williams also enjoyed the collaborative spaces, saying “During my
trip to Google, I was inspired by their emphasis on collaboration and personal creative
workspaces for all. I want to incorporate their culture of continuous learning and creative
problem-solving into the new small commons, fostering an environment that encourages
kids to make meaningful connections and ideas, as well as a place to study, is the goal.”
As part of the renovation process, student leaders will work with art and technology
teachers to create digital designs and space plans, which the district’s in-house buildings
and grounds teams will use to complete the work. Some considerations that were noted
during the trip included flexible furniture arrangements so that the space can be
rearranged for different purposes as well as the incorporation of greenery or organic

Honoring Veterans

The St. Anthony High  School Support Our Troops Club spent the Saturday morning at the Long Island National Cemetery for the Wreath Retirement. Two dozen students and their parents showed up and worked until all wreaths were removed from the troops  graves.


Elwood’s Mr. Glenn

Elwood-John H. Glenn High School’s Class of 2024 recently hosted its  Mr. Glenn Show, which serves as a fundraiser for the school’s seniors. All with all proceeds from show entry and raffles benefit the Class of 2024.

Directed by Nicole Gendjoian, the event included live interviews as well as a talent
show and formal wear sections.

This year’s nine contestants were Joe Bahr, Colin Bible, Logan Demianczyk, Dillon
Gorolski, Darius Hibbert, Grayson Hopkins, Cameron Rossi, Chris Sanelli and Jack Smith. In the end, Smith was named Mr. Glenn for 2024.

Jack Smith/School district photo


Tri-M Recognition at Huntington

Huntington High School’s Tri-M Music Honor Society chapter recently welcomed 32 new members at an induction ceremony.

The new class of Tri-M members includes Sonia Acevedo, Ethan Ambrosio, Kellee Benitez, Lily Buscemi, Charlotte Cassatto, Kevin Dominguez, Jayden Feliciano, Isabelle Gregorio, Ruby Hoffman, Elizabeth James, Matthew Jimenez, Mia Kaufman, Manpreet Kaur, Sena Knopf, Jeremyah Leiva, Angel Uceda-Enamorado, Naomi Lyons, Jannel Marroquin, Alexa Mazure, Marilyn Mendoza, Neurdia Osias, Claire Parks, Natalie Parrott, Anthony Retamal Vidal, Chelsea Romero, Dana Saramago, Daniel Simon, Jaipreet Singh, Ben Soric, James Stensland, Alexander Tine and Lily Wasoski,

The name Tri-M is derived from the international honor society’s original name: Modern Music Masters. Candidates for membership are required to demonstrate scholarship, achievement, leadership and service. The group has traditionally been one of Huntington’s most active and prestigious honor societies.

This year’s Tri-M leadership team includes executive board members Jake Amend (president), Emily Kustera (vice president), William Berry (treasurer), Amalia Heinz (secretary) and Nina Facilla (historian). Teacher James DiMeglio serves as the organization’s faculty advisors.

Tri-M Music Honor Society induction ceremony guest speaker Derek J. Weagle.





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