Schools: Technology Award; Building Bridges Recognition

Three St. Anthony’s students have been named regional winners in the Toshiba ExploraVision competition.
The competition identifies students who “have the ability to look 20 years into the future and predict necessary changes in technology.”  The team is made up of Christina Ward, Elyse Wos and Emma Ronai, who are all freshmen.
Their project was described as “The new system, VirtuX will revolutionize the field of pain management. Using innovative new technology, it will use virtual reality to enhance the effectiveness of pain management and reduce opioid use. To do this, VirtuX uses virtual reality technology as an interactive distraction in order to reduce the pain of a patient. It uses four different categories of simulations for this. The categories include Game, Meditation, Hypnosis, and Experience, all of which work differently to distract the patient from their pain. VirtuX records highly accurate data in order to tailor the user’s experience to them, so that it can best manage their pain. Surveys concerning the patients pain will also be given before and after using VirtuX to further understand the patients needs. This system can be used in a myriad of situations, though it was specifically designed for at-home use, as it is portable, and has an easy-to-use interface.”
Building Bridges Award

School district photo

Glenn High School student Abigail Rothleder recently received the 2022 Students Building Bridges Award, recognizing her work in initiating and coordinating numerous community service projects and her status as a role model for her classmates.
STEM Teacher Award
Northport-East Northport teacher and STEM Coordinator Jennifer Baranaskas has been awarded the Long Island STEM Education Leadership Association (LISTEMELA) Star Award for her work in developing the district’s program of STEM enrichment for all.
The STEM Star award was created to honor teachers who serve as “a beacon of light
for our students” as well as demonstrate exemplary commitment to the vision of
LISTEMELA, which is equitable student access to high quality learning experiences.
She will be presented with the award at the LISTEMELA ceremony  May 6.

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