Updated: State Calls Off Presidential Primary

Updated: The June 23 presidential primary was canceled Monday by the state Board of Elections, which cited concerns about the Covid-19 epidemic and the lack of a contest in the Democratic presidential vote. 

Though former vice president Joe Biden is expected to be nominated as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, the Bernie Sanders’ campaign fought to keep the primary going so that Sanders could claim delegates for the national convention. 

Just Friday, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo declined to publicly state his opinion about the decision, instead directing that all voters be mailed absentee ballot applications to use in the June 23 balloting. 

Correcting: The special election between Democrat Michael Marcantonio and Keith Brown to replace Andrew Raia as the assemblyman representing the 12th District has also been postponed until the fall. Raia became town clerk in January.


Listen to members of the state Board of Elections


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