State to Penalize Providers Who Violate Covid-19 Vaccine Protocols

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo Monday ordered penalties increased for health care providers who intentionally disregard the state’s Covid-19 vaccine prioritization protocols.

The order results from reports that an Orange County company shipped vaccines to its other facilities for distribution to people in the general population, instead of limiting their use to front-line healthcare workers.

Providers who knowingly administer the vaccine to individuals outside of the state’s prioritization protocols may face penalties up to $1 million, as well as revocation of all state licenses.

Additionally, certification of vaccine recipients will now be mandatory as part of the State’s vaccination process.

 ParCare Community Health Network is under investigation by the Department of Health and State Police and the case has been referred to the office of Attorney General Letitia James.

¬†Cuomo said, “Anyone who engages in fraud is going to be held accountable…f you engage in fraud on this vaccine we will remove your license to practice in the State of New York. So, we are very serious about this and this is the type of fraud that will be uncovered on the old adage that people talk. People talk, we will find out, and it’s not worth risking your license as well as a possible civil and criminal penalty.”

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