Dollar Tree Store Opening in Spring in the Station

A new  Dollar Tree store  is scheduled to open this spring at 1626 New York Ave, Huntington Station.

The store, still under construction, covers about 9,500 square feet and replaces a used-car shop at the corner of 12th Street and New York Avenue.

Dollar Tree stores are open seven days a week. Kayleigh M. Painter, Dollar Tree’s investor and media relations manager, said a store of this size usually employs 12 to 20 workers.

“Dollar Tree continues to grow and we are proud to be part of the Huntington Station community,” Painter said.

Dollar Tree prices are fixed at $1. The company also owns Family Dollar, which sells discounted items with a variety of prices. A Family Dollar already operates at 1780 New York Ave., about three blocks south of the new store, and abuts another discount store, Island Thrift.



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