Huntington Crackdown on Parking Fees Is About to Get Tougher

Tighter rules governing the enforcement of parking fines go into effect Tuesday in Huntington.

The Town Board voted in April for the new fines and the tougher timetable for payments. Those ignoring deadlines could find themselves unable to get recreation identity cards or commuter parking permits.

In the case of multiple unpaid tickets, drivers could find their vehicles immobilized or unable to re-register their vehicles at the DMV.

The increased enforcement applies to tickets issued on Sept.3 or afterward.

The Town Board voted 3-2 to extend fees to several side streets in downtown Huntington with Council members Mark Cuthbertson and Joan Cergol opposing the idea, but the enforcement crackdown on penalties was unanimously approved. 


More Enforcement, Higher Fees for Downtown Parking

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