Town Sets Memorial Service for Sunday in Park

The public is invited to join Town of Huntington officials, the Veterans Advisory Board, and local officials for a memorial service on Sunday at noon in Heckscher Park in Huntington, to honor and remember residents and first responders of the Town of Huntington who lost their lives during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. 

 The ceremony will take place at the at the 9/11 Memorial in the park.

Half Hollow Hills

Social studies students at West Hollow in the Half Hollow Hills school district recognized the 20th anniversary of 9/11 by discussing the background information and timeline of events on that day. Students shared what they know about Sept. 11 and were able to ask any questions they had about the events of that day.

South Huntington students/SHUFSD

South Huntington

Students at Countrywood and other schools paid tribute to American patriots the day before the Sept. 11 commemorations, creating flags and banners in red, white and blue.

Dix Hills Fire Department

Terrence J. Farrell, third assistant chief of the Dix Hills Fire Department, spoke about his father, Terrence, who was lost on Sept. 11. “You could say he had a lot to brag about, yet this man I knew as my father was quiet and humble. He never asked for praise, he was a man that showed you that actions speak louder than words. To him this is what we are here to do with our time here on earth, to serve humanity the best way we can.”

Northport High School choir

Whitman High School


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