Town Will Bring Marriage Ceremony to Your Doorstep

Town Clerk Andrew P. Raia will be making house calls for weddings as part of Huntington’s marriage ceremony marathon on Valentine’s Day.

“We’re not going to let COVID get in the way of true love and this long-held tradition,” Raia said. “I will be making house calls this Valentine’s Day as the town’s marriage officer and I will continue performing outdoor marriage ceremonies as I have for the past year during business hours at Town Hall.” 

To make an appointment, call the Town Clerk’s Office at (631) 351-3216 or email [email protected].


    • Marriage Ceremonies: A marriage ceremony requires a 24-hour waiting period after issuance of a marriage license, and the deadline for a marriage license application for a Valentine’s Day ceremony is Thursday. Town Hall is closed Friday, February 12 in observance of President Lincoln’s Birthday);
    • vow renewals do not require a waiting period. 
    • Domestic Partnership Registry: Find more information on requirements for a Domestic Partnership Registry. 

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