Update: Town Cancels “Army-Navy” Designation at Huntington’s Homecoming

The Town of Huntingon has canceled plans to turn a Huntington High School football game into an “Army-Navy” game.

As it did last year in a game between Harborfields and Deer Park, the town designated teams as representing the two military branches. But this year’s game between Huntington and Northport would have been added to the Blue Devils’ homecoming events.


Huntington High School will host Northport Oct. 7 for its regularly scheduled football game, but with a couple of twists.

It is the Blue Devils’ homecoming game, complete with floats, student royalty, music and, most likely, more fans than usual. And the town has designated it as the second annual “Army-Navy” game, dubbing Huntington as Army, Northport as Navy, in an effort to emphasize patriotism and honor veterans.

Last year’s inaugural game was an edge-of-the-seat 27-26 Harborfields victory over Deer Park. Veterans and active military personnel were recognized on the field before the game, and Huntington Supervisor Ed Smyth presented the Harborfields with a trophy.

This year’s game is scheduled for 1 p.m. at Huntington High School.


Huntington Honors Veterans With Inaugural ‘Army-Navy’ Game

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