Vehicle Donated to Northport Police

National Insurance Crime Bureau  and Metlife Home & Auto Insurance Company have teamed up to donate a vehicle to the Northport Police Department.  This vehicle will be an undercover car used to investigate auto crimes, fraud cases, and other various crimes. 

Northport Chief Bill Ricca said, “As a group, the elected officials and all department heads in Northport Village have a goal of keeping the tax levy low while providing the best services available.  NICB and Metlife are aware of the financial struggles that smaller municipalities encounter.  Their donation of this vehicle adds to public safety without adding any negative impact to our budget.”  

After a car is stolen and not recovered for some time, the insurance company pays out the claim to the owner.  If the car is later recovered, the insurance company then takes possession of it.  That is how Metlife Auto & Home acquired this vehicle. 

On hand to turn the vehicle over to the Northport Police Department were:

John Sargent, National director, Special Investigation Unit, at MetLife Auto & Home.

Kevin Gallagher, the director, Field Operations, for the Northeast Region of the National Insurance Crime Bureau. 

Gerard LaRocco, an investigator with Metlife Auto & Home assigned to the NICB New York Major Medical Fraud Task Force.

Chief Ricca added, “While overall crime rates in Northport Village are down an average of 11% over the past two years, the incidents of fraud and related cases, as well as stolen car cases have not followed that trend.  I am confident that this new tool will help us bring those statistics down as well.”

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