Water Mains Getting Replaced on West Main Street

More than 4,600 feet of old, undersized water mains are being replaced on West Main Street and nearby roads in Huntington.

The Suffolk County Water Authority said the project to replace the mains with larger, stronger iron water mains is expected to take about two weeks. 

 The new 12-inch main will increase water flow in the system, allowing SCWA to provide a more reliable, efficient service to its customers in the area, the agency said.

Roads involved are:

  • West Main St
  • Carely Ave
  • Lawrence Hill Rd
  • Highland Ct
  • Hillside Ave
  • Woodbury Rd
  • Anderson Pl
  • Scudder St
  • Ackerman Pl
  • High St
  • Soundview Rd

There will be single lane closures during the remainder of the project, with flaggers on site to direct traffic.

“Our water main system is one of the most important parts of our infrastructure, making it crucial for SCWA to ensure its structural integrity,” said SCWA Chairman Charles Lefkowitz. “During the winter, we see the busiest time of the year for water main breaks. Being pro-active and replacing aging infrastructure ensures that we can reliably serve our customers with high-quality water without interruption. The part of Huntington in which this project is taking place is one of the village’s busiest areas, making this project especially important to our residents.”


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