Bands, Dance and Theater on Stage at Heckscher This Summer

There wil be lots of music coming off the stage at Heckscher Park this summer, with both the Huntington Arts Council and the town Parks Department offering up schedules.

The Huntington Arts Council’s longstanding Summer Arts Festival gets underway July 1 and continues through July 30, a shorter festival with fewer performances than past years, but with a mix of community bands, dance and plays, including the hit “Rent.” The festival includes the Northport community band performances in Northport.

The Parks Department’s plan starts a day before the festival, plugs a gap in the festival of one day in July with a country performance, and then returns for several performances in August. Their lineup includes the Gentlemen of Soul, who performed at an “Old Skool’ concert last year, and Sal Valentinetti singing Frank Sinatra hits.

See the schedules below.



‘Old Skool’ Concert Offers Rhythm and Blues, Dancing

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