Bravo Nader Restaurant Shutting Down

Restaurateur Nader Gebrin announced Friday that his popular restaurant, Bravo! Nader, is closing down.

He cited regulations caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, an inability to negotiate a lower rent to lower his costs and an inability to operate in the way customers had come to expect, as among the reasons that the restaurant would close after 24 years in business at 9 Union Place in Huntington.

“There were a lot of things against me,” Nader said in a touching Facebook video. “I tried to negotiate the rent, but they weren’t budging. 

“It’s the hardest day of my life,” he said.”I love you all. Peace. I have a hard time trying not to cry. I’ll have to accept facts. Things could be worse; i’m sure a lot of people have it worse than me. Peace, I love you all. We shall meet again.”

He said he will continue doing parties and teaching cooking in people’s homes. “I’ll wear a mask and bring some scotch with me to kill all the bacteria. I will always do something to give you my knowledge and my passion.”

His restaurant was ranked by Zagat and recently named a top spot by the Long Island Press.

His restaurant site will shut down and he will open a new site, for his new work.

“I accept the fact of my destiny,” he said. “I don’t have tons of money to lose, to experiment. But owning a restaurant, that’s a tough one to operate and expect to make a living.  I’m going to  fish, going to think, going to take care of my mom. and I’m going to cook.”

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