Campaign 2023: Republican Catherine Corella Running in the 17th District

Catherine Corella is a Republican running for the 17th District seat in the Suffolk County Legislature, against incumbent Tom Donnelly.

Q. Republicans in the Suffolk Legislature voted to keep a water quality bill off the ballot on Nov 7, saying the needed to be improved. What are your thoughts?

A: I am not a fan of tax increases, especially when Suffolk County has a surplus. This should have been placed on the ballot.
Q. What are the biggest issues facing Huntington? And how would you address them?
A.  Clean water and housing affordability seems to be the main issue.  Again, we needed that clean water bill on the ballot but without a tax increase. Advocating for clean water is essential so we can move forward in accomplishing the main goal, clean water. By encouraging the development of affordable housing through tax incentives, tax breaks, and streamlined approval process.
Q. What are the biggest issues facing Suffolk County, especially given the fact that we’ll have a new county executive?
A. Water quality, housing affordability, opioid crisis, economic development, and job creation.
Q. What are your thoughts on the Suffolk County cyberattack last year?
A. Security is essential and that attack should educate us that we are vulnerable and need to make certain our software is up to date and with the use of the latest security.
Q. If you are elected, you’ll be representing a new district because of redistricting changes that take effect in January. What have you done to acquaint yourself with new voters or issues?
A.  I have significant time in the Huntington area. I have worked in that area for years and have made it a point to shop and dine there to get to know the area. I have attended numerous events to meet with voters and answer any questions that they had. Also, knocking on doors while handing out my literature so I can engage the residents in listening to their concerns.
Corella said she is the mother of five, and a grandmother. “Community has always been a mission of mine to consistently strengthen by unity,” she said. “I created and founded the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce, plus founding members of two civic associations and a Kiwanis chapter in Deer Park/North Babylon.” She has lived in Deer Park for the last 17 years with her youngest daughter, Alexa.

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