Centerport Eagles Featured in Calendar

The facebook group Bald Eagles of Centerport has put together a calendar featuring favorite photos.

All profits of the sales of these calendars will be donated to a wildlife rescue group and a veterans organization 

“In the spirit of giving, we felt that providing a beautiful calendar to the fans of the group and donating the money received from the sales is a win win win situation for Long Island,” founder Rob Schwartz said.

Contributing photos were Fred Fahrbach, Liz Schwartz, Rob Schwartz, Sharon Dorsey, Doris Trabosh, Karen Mott, Christine Carrion, Steve Hyman, Meryl Lorenzo, Benny Lokos, Jill Weigold, Michael Fannon, Debbie Thrush, Fred Kopf, Britni Valdina, and Jessie Bergman Sivin.
Christine Carrion  edited and designed the first edition of the calendar.

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