Covid-19 Online Bereavement Support Groups Form

Two mental health organizations are launching online bereavement support groups designed to provide comfort, support, and “grief tools” to those who have lost loved ones to the COVID-19 virus.

Guided by experienced grief counselors, the groups will convene remotely in 60- or 90-minute sessions via a secure Zoom line over the course of a four- or six-week period. There is no cost to take part and registration – which is limited to 12 participants per group – is on a first-come basis.
“As everyone can imagine, losing a loved one to the virus is a deeply painful and jarring experience,” said Michael Stoltz, C.E.O. of the Association for Mental Health and Wellness, which is headquartered in Ronkonkoma. “We’ve identified skilled and sensitive grief counselors who are well qualified to help participants build comforting pathways for healing, even in a technologically remote setting.”

The first group begins on Tuesday, May 19. For details, go to

Participants in any of the five COVID-19 Bereavement Support Groups must be mourning the loss of a family member or close friend to COVID-19.

The group categories are:
Grieving Adults Support Groups: For people who have lost a loved one to coronavirus and cannot grieve in person with their loved ones. The group will bring together others who are struggling to come to terms with the loss, to create a sense of closure, and to grieve in community.

There will be two groups in this category.
Peer Bereavement Support Group: For individuals experiencing a mental health condition who have lost a loved one to coronavirus. Participants have a safe and supportive space to share their stories with others who can truly relate to their pain and experiences.

Veterans Bereavement Support Group: For Veterans and their families who have lost someone to coronavirus and cannot grieve in person with their loved ones. This group will deal with issues specific to the veterans community.

Creative Arts Bereavement Support Group: The making of art can serve as a safe outlet for the expression of thoughts and emotions relating to death and loss. Mourners can nurture their sense of control, organization, and
containment. Participants may use such art supplies as copy paper, colored pencils, markers, crayons, scissors, and glue.
Interested parties may register at 

The two organizations behind setting up the grief groups are the Association for Mental Health and Wellness (MHAW), a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation based in Ronkonkoma, and the Mental Health Association of Nassau County (MHANC).

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