Crowds Pack LI Fall Festival for Rides, Food

The Long Island Fall Festival was in full swing Saturday, with many food vendors drawing long lines as people strolled the perimeter of Heckscher Park or took their children on carnival rides.

Prime Avenue attracted a handful of politicians, while more are expected Sunday. Vendors, rides and activitiesfor small children, such as a magicĀ  show, will continue. Also coming Sunday is a meatball-eating contest, and, outside on Main Street, a noontime parade celebrating Christopher Columbus and Italian heritage.

On Madison Street, some residents set up tables in their driveways to see item. MerSea Creative Designs was selling seashells.

Kids took to rides with varying degrees of confidence. Many took delight at the small roller coasters and spinning teacups; a handful cast a wary eye at the prospect of sliding or getting bounced around. One tiny girl made it to the top of an attraction before deciding the slide was too scary and had to be carried back down and some kids needed their parents to accompany them down the slide. But mostĀ  seemed gleeful as they they spun about or rose into the sky.

The festival continues through Monday.



Zeldin Drops By Fall Festival at Heckscher

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