Sponsored: Deegan Seeking Common Ground in Town Board Race

Patrick Deegan is competing with two incumbents and two other challengers for one of the two seats open this year on Town Board.

He is running for his first elected office, on the Libertarian line, and has taken a position on several issues through participation in candidates’ night forums and speaking before the Town Board.

Among his issues are the development occurring in the Town of Huntington, C-6 zoning, environmental issues such as water quality, the LIPA case and the need for all residents to be heard by the Town Board.

He won praise at a recent candidates night meeting when he invited students to identify matters of concern to them; the first student said student mental health, and Deegan said he felt that that was an issue that was not getting enough attention, pointing out the fears some students express at the possibility of a classmate turning on others. 

One of his major themes has been the need for political leaders to work together for solutions. His Facebook campaign page encourages people to find common ground, and says, “Vote for a person, not an image.”

Note: Because HuntingtonNow.com and the candidate were unable to work out a schedule for a video statement, we’re posting his comments here so he is not overlooked.

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