Dix Hills Ice Rink Renamed for Clark Gillies

The Dix Hills Ice Rink was officially renamed  Clark Gillies Arena Saturday in honor of the late legendary Islanders’ hockey star.

The retired player and philanthropist, who lived in Greenlawn, died in January. He had served as captain of the Islanders from 1977 to 1979, and won the Stanley Cup four years in a row with them, from 1980 to 1983.

“I can say with 100% certainty that Clark would have been so proud of this honor that you have bestowed on him,” Pam Gillies, Clark’s wife, said in a speech. “I cannot tell you how happy Clark would have been to know that future generations of figure skaters and hockey players will be learning the game that he loved in a rink bearing his name.”

The ceremony was led by Town Council members Joan Cergol and Sal Ferro, but brought hundreds of fans, several town, county and state elected officials as well as hockey luminaries, including Bob Nystrom, Mike Eruzione, Pat LaFontaine, Dan Jansen, as well as Pat Flatley, Josh Bailey, Shawn Bates, Bobby Bourne, Butch Goring, Casey Cizikas, Richie Hansen, Mike Hordy, Matt Martin, and Steve Webb.

“I am far from a sports fanatic….but… I understand well the concept of ‘team,’ said Cergol. “To be exceptional…a team must mesh the talents of creative, hard-working individuals to pull toward the same goal. But to be great–to be unforgettable–a team requires more.It needs special leaders. The kind of people who walk into a room and command your respect and attention. People with drive, determination and an indomitable spirit. Teammates who show you…every day… how to win. Teammates who push you…every day…to be your best. Clark Gillies was such a teammate. He did it as a hockey player. And as a citizen of Huntington. To the betterment of all of us here today.”


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                             Photos by Bob Giglione

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