E-Sports Training Center Opens in Huntington

The world of competitive league e-sports is expanding in Huntington with the opening of Valhallan Esports Training Center  in West Hills.

Owner David Glick said he expects to have his new center at 400 West Jericho Tpke. fully operating by mid-January.

“Esports is huge now, every high school, every college,” with many offering scholarships, he said. “There was nothing on the Little League level” for kids who prefer to compete on a screen instead of a grass field.

The center will primarily focus on 7-15 year olds who will compete by playing such games as Fortnite, not Call of Duty, in regulated teams against other verified youth members of leagues, such as Scouts  or school groups.

“What we’re looking to do to is provide parents an outlet for them  to get their kids ouf of the house, in person, around other like-minded kids who share a love of gaming. In addition,” he said, the center will be “providing a team sports opportunity for kids. There’s a lot of stuff for ahtletes, but this is an opportunity for kids who may not be into sports.”

He said he and staff, including two coaches he’s hired from Farmingdale State, will teach the same values that kids learn from athletics, such as how to be a good teammate, how to wn, how to accept defeat, and learnng to accept a role on a team.

Glick, a Plainview resident, said his was the 11th franchise in the Valhallan network that now has 55 centers.

In addition to games, the center will host parent togethers, birthday parties and camps.

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