Esteban Letter: Grateful for Chance to Serve Public

I am honored and grateful for having had the opportunity to be a public servant to the residents of Suffolk County, and specifically the 16th Legislative District encompassing areas of Huntington, Islip, and Babylon.
As a legislator I have come to see what a diverse and talented community we have in Suffolk County. It has been my joy to bring residents together through my many legislative and community initiatives such as District Office open houses, diversity celebrations, and large events welcoming and inclusive of all people.
Helping organizations such as the John and Alice Coltrane House secure $1.75 million in funding, or working to save the Elwood Little Red School House so it can be restored, and securing funding for dozens of our local organizations has been a focus of mine. Brining improvements to our roads, infrastructure and measures to strengthen our economy have been key accomplishments. All this while not increasing County budget.
Safety for residents was another priority of my work and I accomplished that by supporting law enforcement initiatives, combined with efforts of the Sheriff’s office and other organizations, for education, outreach, crime prevention and emergency preparedness programs.
There are many individuals and families who face difficulties in Suffolk County and my Office and I were proud to reach out and provide support to them and organizations that help the needy such as our local food pantries. During COVID,  I and my staff kept our office fully operational and were proud to bring aide and help where it was needed quickly.
My wife, Mercedes Esteban, also expresses her gratitude to the community for the warm welcome she has received and has been very happy to be part of the community work and outreach to help those most in need. My children too have participated in my initiatives as community service is a value they have come to enjoy and appreciate. The Esteban Family has been proud to serve the residents of Suffolk County and will continue to show our love, care, and commitment to improve our communities.
I thank the many people who partnered with me in my legislative successes. Truly there are too many to list. However, I give a special thanks to those who saw the potential in me to run for office and for several elected officials who I have learned from and have been honored to work with such as Town Clerk Andrew Raia, Legislator Stephanie Bontempi, Councilman Sal Ferro, and Councilwoman Joan Cergol. I am grateful to my staff and all who work in government for the best interest of the people. I look forward to my serving the public as a lawyer and continuing my community service.
Finally, I commend the work of all our nonprofit leaders, and mostly the many generous people who take time to volunteer. These volunteers often do not get enough recognition for the hundreds of hours they volunteer and I take this opportunity to thank them. A special thank you to those also in media and journalism who keep our residents informed of important matters and opportunities.
I wish my fellow residents a safe and prosperous New Year knowing the best we can wish for is a community that shows care, kindness, and helps one another live in peace.
Yours in friendship,
Suffolk County Legislator Manuel Esteban and family

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