Election 2024: Students Signing Up to Vote

Seniors at Walt Whitman High School recently got the chance to sign up to vote.

Town Supervisor Ed Smyth, Board of Education President Nicholas Ciappetta, school principal John Murphy, the League of Women Voters and others participated in the registration  and breakfast.

Students ages 16-17 were able to pre-register, meaning they could sign up to vote once they turn 18.

“It’s important that you have a voice,” principal John Murphy told students. “It’s important that you use that voice, and one of the biggest ways to use that is to vote.” South Huntington Board of Education President Nicholas Ciappetta explained to students that voting is their “civic responsibility” and reminded them that their first opportunity to exercise that right – if they’ve turned 18 by then – will be on May 21 when the school board elections and school budget vote are held. “Don’t just vote in presidential elections. Your local elections are just as important. Your town election, your school board, your fire department. Vote in every opportunity that you can because the right to vote is essential,” said Ciappetta.

Smyth explained how choosing a political party affiliation when registering allows someone to vote in a primary. He had one more bit of advice aimed at getting more voters to the polls. “Never vote alone on election day,” suggested Smyth. “Gather your friends, go to the polls. Vote early and vote often. The right way is to show up with your friends at the polling place and vote together.” Smyth said.

Whitman seniors recently registered to vote.

Suozzi Seeks Support for Johnson

In an opinion piece published by the The Wall Street Journal, US Rep. Tom Suozzi is urging Democrats to support House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Suozzi, who recently returned from a trip to Ukraine, said Democrats should back the Republican in the interest of defending Ukraine against Russian aggression.

“On my return to Washington, I was greeted by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s newest threats to remove Speaker Mike Johnson if he brings to the floor a bill to aid Ukraine. Democrats and Republicans must join together to save Ukraine and stop the disinformation campaigns promulgated by Vladimir Putin and furthered by Mrs. Greene,” Suozzi wrote.

Suozzi represents the 3rd congressional district; parts of Huntington will rejoin the 3rd this January. His Republican opponent is former Assembly member Mike LiPetri.

Sanin Endorses Avlon

Suffolk County Legislator Rebecca Sanin, D-16th, endorsed John Avlon in his campaign for election to Congress.

“John is a candidate that inspires and is the right leader for this time. I know he will do us proud in Washington,” she said.

Avlon is running to defeat US Rep. Nick LaLota, a Republican, in the 1st congressional district, which includes most of Huntington.

Democrat Nancy Goroff, a political progressive and an organic chemist,  is also running to unseat LaLota.

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