Environmensch: Take a Look at What You’re Eating

Amanda Lindner

What a week! Treated myself to a celebratory vegan apple pie from @bodyandsoulbakeshop at this weekend’s farmer’s market. Gluten-free too, which I normally don’t care for, but it looked great (and it was).

If you want to live sustainably, the first step is to reduce and eliminate meat and dairy from your diet.

There is nothing more harmful to our planet, people, and animals than the Standard American Diet. You can still have everything you love, without the cruelty or damage to our planet.

Veganism is environmentalism.

Amanda is a former Huntington resident and an organizer for Vegan Long Island. Follow her blog on reducing waste and living an environmentally aware life at Enviromensch

Enviromensch Featured in New York Times

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