Ex-Worker at Group Home Indicted on Rape Charges

A former worker at a Dix Hills group home has been indicted on rape and other charges, District Attorney Ray Tierney said Tuesday.

Hayden Daley, 28, of Deer Park, was indicted on charges of rape in the second degree and other related charges, for allegedly repeatedly raping a 13-year-old child who was a resident of the WellLife Network in Dix Hills while he was employed there.

“Children, particularly those who are vulnerable due to their life circumstances, deserve the utmost protection,”Tierney said. “My office is committed to holding accountable
anyone who abuses their position of authority to sexually exploit others.”

According to the investigation, in May 2023, Daley was a child support professional at the WellLife Network, a residential facility for children operated by the New York State Office of Mental Health. For several months, Daley allegedly subjected the 13-year-old victim to numerous acts of sexual abuse which occurred both inside and outside of the group home.

After Daley learned that he was under investigation, he quit his job at the WellLife Network. However, Daley allegedly continued to meet the victim outside of the group home on various occasions and sexually abused her.

On Jan. 20, Daley allegedly drove to the group home and attempted to pick up the victim in his car, but an employee at the facility called the police. When the police arrived, they arrested Daley.

On Monday, Daley was arraigned before County Court Judge  Karen M. Wilutis, for the following charges:
 Five counts of Rape in the Second Degree, Class D felonies;
 Eight counts of Criminal Sexual Act in the Second Degree, Class D felonies;
 One count of Rape in the Third Degree, a Class E felony;
 Three counts of Criminal Sexual Act in the Third Degree, Class E felonies;
 Two counts of Sexual Misconduct, Class A misdemeanors; and
 One count of Endangering the Welfare of a Child, a Class A Misdemeanor.

Wilutis ordered Daley to be held on $80,000 cash, $160,000 bond, or $800,000 partially
secured bond during the pendency of the case. Daley is due back in court on April 1,  and is being represented by Robert Macedonio.

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