Congressional Redistricting Could Split Huntington

A map proposed by state legislators would split Huntington into two congressional districts, moving large parts of town into the 3rd while leaving the rest of Huntington in the First District.

The new maps made the congressional campaign of former State Sen. James Gaughran collateral damage; Newsday reported that the Democrat suspended his campaign for the 1st district because a large chunk of his base is moving into the 3rd district.

The new map was proposed Monday night after legislative Democrats rejected a bipartisan commission’s proposal that would have kept most districts in their current configuration, which was approved in 2022.

If approved by the legislature and unchanged by any court challenges, that would mean that Cold Spring Harbor, Huntington Bay and Lloyd Harbor, and parts of the western sections of Huntington, would be part of the 3rd.

The 3rd is represented by Democrat Tom Suozzi, who won the seat in a special election two weeks ago to finish the term of disgraced George Santos, who was ousted from Congress. Suozzi, who will be sworn into office Wednesday, previously represented Huntington.

Much of the rest of Huntington will remain in the 1st, represented by Rep. Nick LaLota, R-Amityville.

Newsday reported that Democratic majorities in the state Assembly and Senate would meet Tuesday night to discuss the map proposals.

Gaughran had previously said, while maps were pending, that he would not campaign against Suozzi. It is the second time Gaughran has been squeezed out by redistricting. When the State Senate maps were redrawn, his residence ended up in the district of State Sen. Mario Mattera and he decided not to run.

Photo: Statehouse in Albany/file photo

Note: we will post maps in the coming days after the legislature votes on them.

Correction: It appears that Centerport and Northport will remain in the First Congressional District. We will clarify once we see final maps.

If you have access to, see the proposed maps here:


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