For Rent: Small Apartments to Whole Houses

Lucky to Live Here Realty has identified 12 properties currently for rent in the Town of Huntington. Properties range from a whole house rental in Centerport, listed as $4,500 per month to a Huntington  one-bedroom unit for $1,900, according to the office.

At lists several other properties, including three 71 New St. two-bedroom units listed at $6,500 to $7,000 a month, a two-bedroom unit at G2D property at 226 New York Ave., renting for $4,300 per month, and one-bedrooms at Gateway Plaza, going for $3,700-$4,000 monthly rent. Many downtown listings tout their access to entertainment, including one that says “thriving Downtown district serves as the cultural and economic hub for the community, with locals spending much of their free time taking advantage of the diverse international cuisine, locally-owned specialty shops, and cozy neighborhood taverns filling the area.”

Meanwhile, a house in Lloyd Harbor is listed for $10,000 a month. The four-acre property at 17 East Gate Road offers five bedrooms and eight bathrooms but has a no-pets policy.

Fairfield Square at Huntington, 33-37 New York Ave., lists a 368 sq ft. bedroom for $2,295, and a 12 to 24 month lease.

And a house at 483 New York Ave., lists three units, a studio, a one-bedroom, and a four-bedroom, ranging from $1,900 to $4,500 in monthly rent.

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