Group Chooses Friendship Circle to Support

Members of 100 Women of Huntington selected an inclusive program for teens and children Monday night as the latest recipient of its support.

The group, which met at Town Hall, includes numerous women who are leaders in business, cultural, medical and other fields. After drawing the names of applicants for the funds from a hat, the group voted for Ariella’s NY Friendship Circle, which is based in Dix Hills.

After the vote, the group promptly presented a check for $13,200 to the friendship circle representatives, Elizabeth Klein and Gale Paul.

They said they planned to use the funds to enhance their programs, which include programs that encourage residents to create meaningful relationships between children and teens of all abilities. They also said they are considering expanding into creating a vocational  program. The group is community based, but works with school districts to bring in student volunteers.

The other two groups were Long Island Cares and Preservation Long Island. Dr. Sara Siddiqui, for Long Island Cares, and Katiana Anglade of Preservation Long Island were able to make a brief pitch for their groups and projects before the vote.

Andre Sorrentino, town highway superintendent whose Sorrentino Family Foundation hands out thousands of  meals at Thanksgiving, spoke to the group about how it had helped his project with a donation last year.

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