MTA Survey Shows Slight Improvement Over Spring

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority released the results of a survey Monday that showed some improvement in opinions about the LIRR since the first days of the opening of Grand Central Madison.

But the survey shows that riders still rate the railroad lower than before GCM was opened.

The Fall 2023 Customers Count Survey, which launched on Nov. 6, 2023,  received responses from 108,000 customers. The results showed increased overall satisfaction for Long Island Rail Road and Access-a-Ride (AAR) riders.

“Customers are rating their subway stations and lines better than in the past but seem to hold onto an overall negative perception of the subway system, and this is something we’re going to work on,” said MTA Chief Customer Officer Shanifah Rieara. “These results, invaluable insight for every agency, are proof as to why these surveys are so essential in our effort to understand what is working and what areas we can focus on to improve the customer journey.”

While overall satisfaction with subways dipped to 52% in Fall 2023, down from 56% in Spring 2023, other ratings went up.

Access-A-Ride’s overall satisfaction is at 68%, up from 64% in Spring 2023. On-time pickup is the most important driver of overall satisfaction, and 59% said they were satisfied with on-time pickup in Fall 2023, up 8% points from Spring 2023.

The LIRR’s ratings are improving from decline in overall satisfaction in Spring 2023, which followed the opening of Grand Central Madison and new schedules. Overall satisfaction with LIRR is 70%, up from 68% in Spring 2023, with the highest improvement in satisfaction coming from Atlantic Terminal customers, with a 10-percentage point increase in satisfaction, followed by Penn Station and Jamaica customers, each with a five-percentage point increase.

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