Heckscher Celebrates Artist-Couple With Soundwalks, Exhibit

The Heckscher Museum celebrated the artists Arthur Dove and Helen Torr on Saturday, and unveiled two tactile soundwalks to improve the experience of visitors.

The soundwalks, one at the Dove/Torr Cottage in Centerport and the other at Heckscher Park, provide audio information about the artists and the park and use Braille to help the visually impaired to navigate the park and cottage grounds.

The Huntington’s Environmental Open Space & Park Fund Advisory Committee contributed $50,000 to the project.

The museum was celebrating the 25th anniversary of the acquistion of the cottage where the artists lived and worked from 1924 to 1946, and its exhibition, Salt Life: Arthur Dove and Helen Torr. The exhibit uses 60 works on paper by the two artists, and drawn from collections a Heckscher and the Amon CarterĀ  Museum of American Art in Fort Worth.

As part of the celebration, the museum presented a new sculpture by Long Island artist Susan Buroker at the cottage in honor of Helen Torr.

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