Hollywood Scandals Film Coming to Cinema Arts Centre

Sometime in September 2021, filmmaker Glenn Andreiev, in association with the Cinema Arts Centre, will be presenting a film on scandals in Hollywood that occurred during the Golden Age of American film. 

The film will go in depth to explore the circumstances of notable controversies and scandals surrounding some of Hollywood’s biggest stars at the time. Some of the individuals examined in the film will be comedians Fatty Arbuckle, Thelma Todd, and movie star/teen idol James Dean.

Due to renovations currently taking place in the Cinema Arts Center, the film will be presented virtually. Shortly before the date of the screening, tickets will become available to buy on the Cinema Arts Centre website. Once you purchase your ticket, you will receive a link that will bring you to the screening site. The film should be about 45 minutes long.

Andreiev is a graduate of New York’s School of Visual Arts, and he has made numerous films throughout his career. His work has been featured on Newsday, CNN, and in The Museum of Modern Art. 

Andreiev has been doing film presentations at the Cinema Arts Centre for about 11 years, and he says he “loves interacting with the audience and introducing the audience to something new.” He also said “I go above and beyond to educate the audience on the subject matter, and to find and show rare unseen footage from movies.”

The idea to give presentations at the Cinema Arts Centre was suggested by Andreiev’s friends, once they recognized his talent for film history. Although this film will be virtual, Andreiev said, “I look forward to going back in person, because I love getting a great audience reaction.”


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