How to: Speak at a Meeting of the Huntington Town Board

The Huntington Town Board meets June 13 at 7 p.m., at Town Hall. The board invites public comments at the start at each meeting, as well as on specific topics that are scheduled for public hearings.

Here are some generalized guidelines, drawn from town policy and written by ChatGP. The first thing we notice is how wordy ChatGP is, and rather vague, though accurate. Tell us what you think of a computer advising you on how to conduct yourself. We are experimenting to see if Chat has any value in producing lists or agendas for things we wouldn’t normally write. We will never use it without informing readers.

If you would like to speak before the board at a public meeting, here are the general steps you can follow:

  1. Check the meeting schedule: Find out the date, time, and location of the upcoming town board meeting. You can usually find this information on the town’s official website or by contacting the town clerk’s office.
  2. Understand the meeting guidelines: Familiarize yourself with the guidelines for public participation in town board meetings.  You can find this information on the town’s website or by contacting the town clerk’s office.
  3. Prepare your remarks: Consider the topic you want to address and prepare your speech accordingly. Make sure your remarks are concise, clear, and focused on the issue at hand. Prepare notes or write down your key points to help you stay on track during your speech.
  4. Sign up in advance.
  5. Arrive early: On the day of the meeting, arrive early to ensure you have enough time to check in and familiarize yourself with the meeting setup. This will also give you an opportunity to see how the meeting proceeds before your turn to speak.
  6. Follow meeting etiquette: During the meeting, it’s essential to be respectful and follow proper meeting etiquette. Observe the proceedings and wait for your turn to speak. Address the board members with appropriate titles and maintain a polite tone throughout your speech.
  7. Present your remarks: When it’s your turn to speak, approach the designated podium or microphone. Begin by stating your name and, if applicable, your affiliation or address. Speak clearly and concisely, and focus on the main points you want to convey. Avoid repeating information already presented by previous speakers.
  8. Respect time limits: Some meetings may impose time limits for public comments. Be mindful of these time restrictions and try to stay within the allocated time. Prepare your remarks accordingly to fit within the given timeframe.
  9. Engage in dialogue (if permitted): Depending on the meeting format, the board members may have the option to engage in a dialogue with speakers. If this is permitted, be prepared to respond to questions or provide additional information if requested. Maintain a respectful and cooperative attitude during the conversation.
  10. Follow up, if necessary: After your speech, consider following up with written documentation or further communication if you feel it’s necessary. You can send additional information or express your gratitude for the opportunity to speak. This helps to strengthen your engagement with the town board and demonstrate your commitment to the issue.

Remember that these steps are general guidelines, and it’s important to review the specific procedures and guidelines set by the Huntington Town Board. Pay attention to any specific rules or requirements they may have regarding public participation in their meetings.


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