How To: Verify Your Polling Place

Changes in congressional and Suffolk County legislative districts in recent months have left many voters confused.

Several voters in Huntington expressed frustration and confusion after they thought they could vote in last week’s special election between Thomas Suozzi and Mazi Pilip in the Third Congressional District. Campaign staffers reported getting calls from people who thought they’d been precluded from voting because schools, their usual polling places, were closed because of the snowstorm.

When redistricting was completed last year, Huntington was moved out of the Third and into the First, which is represented by US Rep. Nick LaLota, a Republican who lives in Amityville.

To find out what district you are in, you can go here:

A bipartisan commission just confirmed last week that district lines drawn last year will mostly remain the same. The Third District will not return to Huntington, which will remain in the First, if the state legislature approves the latest plan.

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