Huntington Station Sewer Plan Outlined

Town and county officials outlined plans Tuesday night for  sewers in Huntington Station to improve water quality and provide the underpinnings needed for the  transformational projects proposed through the Huntington Station Downtown Initiative.

While the town, county and state have provided $66 million to cover the full cost of the system installation, owners of the 224 properties within the sewer district, including about 50 identified as residential, will face costs to hook up to the sewer service.

The primary service area will run along New York Avenue from East Second Street to East 15th Street, and a short stretch on Depot Road. Owners of property in the sewer district will have to pay an average of $420 annually for the connection, as well as pay for the work needed to connect to the sewer system and shut down cesspools. The cost will be based on the property’s tax assessment.

The plan will send sewage from the area south, mostly  along New York Avenue, to nearby pumping stations, including one on Third Avenue and another at Walt Whitman Shops, and ultimately connect to the Southwest Sewer District via the Bergin Point wastewater treatment plant in Babylon.

Traffic and parking in the district are expected to be extensively affected during the three-year project. Officials said that crews would be deployed at night whenever possible to limit the traffic disruption.

Though not a part of the Huntington Station Downtown Revitalization Initiative, the sewerage is needed in part to accommodate some of those projects. The DRI is wholly contained within the boundaries of the sewer district.

Officials said Tuesday that they have been working closely with DRI representatives to coordinate work.

Funds for the $66 million project were first contributed in equal amounts by the town, matched by the county and then the state, through a push by State Assemblyman Steve Stern and then-State Sen. Jim Gaughran. That means building the system is already entirely funded. Each party is contributing $22 million, with funding from the American Rescue Plan Act and the state Environmental Protection Fund.

The county is working on a program to provide loans or grants to owners to defray the cost of hookup, which are estimated to

After more than two years of planning and arranging funding, the project is following an ambitious schedule, with a Suffolk County public hearing set for December, with plans and specifications set for February. Work is expected to be complete in December 2027.

The sewerage project has been considered vital to the future of Huntington Station, including the DRI projects.


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