Kehoe Named to U.S. Agriculture Advisory Committee

Northport Village trustee Tom Kehoe has been appointed to U.S. Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade in Animals and Animal Products.

Kehoe, 70, owns several seafood and logistics companies with national and international business. Kehoe also serves as the Village’s commissioner of Commerce. He is the CEO of Kingsbridge Strategies, Inc., a public policy and business consulting firm.

“I look forward to sharing my expertise in international trade and insight on where American trade policy needs to go in order for American businesses to thrive in international markets,” Kehoe said. “Working with small businesses, large businesses, and eventually growing my own company into an international business, I have a unique understanding of the needs of Long Island and New York’s businesses – as well as businesses nationwide who rely on international trade – and I look forward to representing these interests on this Committee.”

Department of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue appointed Kehoe to the group of 140 people to advise the Trump administration and the secretary of agriculture, and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lightheiser on policy, including enforcement of existing trade agreements and negotiating objectives for new trade agreements. Kehoe’s term at the post will expire in 2023. Kehoe is the only individual representing the seafood industry.

He is also a representative on the United States Department of Commerce, New York District Export Council. Kehoe formerly served as the president, vice president, and director of the East Coast Shellfish Growers Association.

Kehoe was also deputy mayor until he resigned after a dispute over a house he is building in Northport.



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