LaLota Opponent Raises $600,000

Nancy Goroff, a Democrat who is running against US Rep. Nick LaLota in the First Congressional District, reported Friday that she had raised more than $600,000 during the first quarter of her campaign.

“I’m honored by the enthusiasm and strong showing of support for my campaign,” said Goroff. “As we start an election year, we are building a team that will beat Nick LaLota in November, so the people of Suffolk can finally have a representative who will solve our problems in Washington.”

In addition to her strong fundraising numbers, Goroff has received support from 3.14 Action, Elect Democratic Women, J Street, and local leaders.

Suffolk Democratic Committee Chair Rich Schaffer said: “Nancy Goroff is a community leader fighting for Suffolk’s families, small businesses, and environment. Her experience as a mom, scientist, and educator will bring a fresh perspective to Congress. That’s exactly what we need to fix Washington and improve the lives of people in Suffolk.”

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