Letter to the Editor: Find a Plan to Prepare for the Future

On the morning before Tropical Storm Isaias was scheduled to hit us, I posted all of the PSEG-LI communications mechanisms available to report outages: by app, by text and by phone.

We now know that all of these PSEG reporting systems failed (After losing power I personally experienced these failures as well), and as of today, far too many families remain without electricity.

As I write this PSEG and Town crews are out working very long hours in horrendous heat/humidity and under a pandemic- and – taking it on the chin. Yes, your outrage is legitimate but please show these workers compassion. We must direct our ire to those at the top.

Please know that once all of you are back up and running I will be directing my energies to demanding answers from PSEG LI as to how, and why.

Have we not weathered enough storms, hurricanes and other acts of God, time and again, from which to learn and to plan? The prolific Benjamin Franklin once said: failing to plan is planning to fail- and this adage could not be more applicable to what we are now experiencing. While PSEG has a lot of explaining to do, residents and the TOWN alike must adopt a proactive plan to prepare for and to minimize future storm damage.

Our beautiful town is both blessed and cursed by an abundance of magnificent mature trees on both private and public property. We must embrace these natural assets but also, better understand them. I am now developing an informational program to empower residents and homeowners with knowledge and resources to help them identify what to look for. Make no mistake: when Mother Nature is intent on taking out a tree, no amount of maintenance will stop that from occurring.

But, by and large, we as a community must step up our game, and I believe we can. As a final thought, pre-storm I also posted my office phone number (631) 351-3173 in the event residents were not successful in getting through to PSEG. Little did I know that those systems would not live up to their promise and how many of you would be calling me for help. I and staff have been super busy handling your requests and will continue to be there to help get you the information and answers you need and deserve, when we are able to get them. Many of you have also contacted me by Facebook messenger which you of course can continue to do. It’s past time to write a new chapter in this ongoing horror story! Enough is enough. #wecandothis

This was first posted to Facebook and republished with permission


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