Letter: Water Quality Needs to Be on the Ballot

In a recent letter Leg. Stephanie Bontempi asserts that the Legislators are keeping the water quality referendum off the ballot because they want to “do  their homework” before bringing the water quality initiative to the people to vote on.

Anyone with any knowledge of the proposed water quality project knows that this plan, which has wide bipartisan support, has been years in the making at the state and county level with ample opportunity to have raised concerns, proposed changes and “do their homework “ rather than waiting until the eleventh hour to do so as they have.

It was in fact their responsibility as legislators to do their homework long before they claimed they needed time for further exploration. Interestingly,  throughout the process the Republican Presiding Officer had given every indication that the Republican caucus supported  the  referendum appearing on the ballot  this November.

Reversing course now shows utter disregard for the bipartisan group of state legislators and environmentalists who have dedicated so much time and effort toward this important work . Either they did not do their due diligence when they should have or are concerned that having water quality on the ballot this November will risk bringing out  voters who might not be voting for them at the polls. Whether it is a desire to retain power or a lack of the detailed understanding they should already possess, their decision is irresponsible and is risking very significant funding to improve our water quality . They are failing  “their homework” and failing the people or Suffolk County.

Eve Meltzer Krief, MD
Pediatrician and Candidate for Suffolk County Legislature in LD 18


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