Raia to Lead Valentine’s Day Wedding Marathon

Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia will perform her Valentine’s Day marriage ceremony marathon on Thursday, for the 23rd year.
Local merchants, including bakeries, florists, supermarkets, pharmacies and photographers contribute to this event, which is held at Town Hall. Beautiful cakes, cookies, flowers and gifts, including one from Raia, help to make the event a festive one every year.
“The couples that I have united over the years have received this idea enthusiastically and it has been a privilege and a pleasure for me to unite these couples and to share in their happiness as they embark on their new lives together,” she said.
There is no charge to the couple for the ceremony and their guests are welcome to attend the reception. The ceremonies are performed by appointment only.
“Of all the services I provide to the public, the opportunity to join two people in a lifetime of love and commitment is the part of my job that is the most heartwarming,” Raia said.
For further information or to make an appointment, call the Town Clerk’s Office at 631-351-3216.

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