Melville Fire Department Cites Its Priorities on Development Proposal

The Melville Fire Department said Thursday that is considering both public safety needs and the town’s economic development while it reviews a town proposal to allow mixed-use properties in an area of Melville.

Thursday morning, the Facebook posting read, “A joint statement from the Melville Fire District and Department in regard to the potential redevelopment of the Melville office corridor: The Fire District/Department is actively engaged with town officials regarding the potential new town center and the redevelopment of an old office complex for mixed-use. Our focus is ensuring that fire safety and emergency response measures are accounted into these developments. Some concerns include building height regulations for effective firefighting, clear access for emergency vehicles, installation of defibrillators, and accessible elevators. We are also emphasizing the importance of fire detection/suppression systems, structural design/integrity, and emergency evacuation plans and site hydrants and access for apparatus. Our priority is to safeguard the community while supporting the potential growth and development of the town. We are committed to maintaining high safety standards and are working to address these concerns in collaboration with all all involved.”

The approval by the Melville department, which often cites the high number of road crash and medical assistance calls it receives, is considered important to the success of the town’s proposal.


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