Members Named to Huntington Advisory Boards

The Huntington Town Board voted unanimously this week to appoint or reappoint several residents to town advisory boards, including:

African American Task Force: Rhonda Taylor Gooden, Ken Patrick Johnson, Dr. William Earl Thomas and the Rev. Timothy Flythe

Anti-Bias Task Force: Lovelee Aparacio Vetri, Stephen Nowicki, Dr. Eve Krief, and Norman Gomez-Vasquez

Asian American Task Force: Michelle McCarthy, Arshia Baseer, Vipul Gohil, Hanson Lee, Muhammad Ashraf Azmi, Karen Beck, Patricia Shiih and Amir Sultan

Citizens Advisory Committee for Persons With Disabilities: Peter Ferolito and Alfred Huberman, both reappointed

Hispanic Advisory Task Force: Lovelee Aparicio-Vetri, Norman Gomez Vasquez and Jaqueline Martinez


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