Newsday Investigation Finds Extensive Housing Discrimination

A three-year Newsday investigation published Sunday has found widespread discrimination in housing based on race or ethnicity.

The extensive investigation found numerous instances of discrimination in the number and location of homes showed to prospective buyers, based on race. In addition, minority testers were often subject to more stringent upfront financial documentation.

 Parts of Huntington and Huntington Station, Greenlawn, Northport and Commack were among the neighborhoods tested. 

Newsday’s finding included this:

Focused Hispanic testers on houses in 18 census tracts in the Town of Huntington that took in the downtown area, then stretched north to Halesite and south to Huntington Station, South Huntington and West Hills. They picked listings in these areas for Hispanic testers at double the rate they did for white buyers. Eleven of the 18 tracts show growing Hispanic populations.

Newsday has taken down its paywall for this report. 


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