Northport Police: Noise Complaint, Phone Scam

The following information was provided by the Northport police department this week.


Monroe Street

Responded to the incident location for the report of a possible scam phone call. Upon arrival, the complainant reports that he received a  phone call from the Legal Department of Social Security. The complainant states the person he spoke with advised him that his Social Security number had been suspended and if he could provide the caller with his personal information they could correct the problem.

When the complainant asked the caller for his name, he hung up the phone. The complainant figured it was a scam and wished to document this incident.


Dick Court

Complainant said his neighbor leaves the neighborhood between 6:45am and 7:30am with an extremely loud truck. Undersigned observed a video the complainant brought in that shows the vehicle operating a very high noise level which could be in violation of the village code. Complainant was advised this agency will look into the matter and take enforcement if necessary.


Earl Avenue

While on patrol, officer  observed fireworks going off behind a home on Earl Ave. The officer  spoke with a  subject who said they did not have any more fireworks and would not light any off in the future.  The subject was warned and admonished.


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