Op-Ed: It’s Time to Support Huntington Businesses

‚ÄčIn these difficult economic times due to the corona virus, it is especially important to patronize your local neighborhood restaurants and businesses.  
If you are working from home, why not take a short walk or quick drive for lunch or dinner and eat out?  Do the same for shopping at your local small independent stores.     

Now is the time to help our local restaurants and businesses to survive.

If you can afford it, tip 20 percent or more against the total bill, including taxes. If it is an odd amount, consider rounding up to the next dollar.  The extra dollar tip will add up for waiters, waitresses and bus boys.
 If ordering take out, consider leaving a dollar or two for the waiter or cook. It will be appreciated.
Remember these people are our neighbors. Our local entrepreneurs create new employment opportunities.  
They work long hours, pay taxes and provide jobs to our fellow citizens.  They also serve as eyes and ears for the community, helping to prevent crime.  If we don’t patronize our local restaurants and small businesses to shop and dine, they don’t eat either.
As a nation, we will eventually triumph over the corona virus even if it takes several months or more.
Larry Penner is a transportation historian, advocate and writer who previously worked for the US Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration Region 2 NY Office.  This included the development, review, approval and oversight of grants to fund capital projects and programs to the Huntington Area Rapid Transit (HART) bus system.  He, and his wife, Wendy, frequently visit downtown Huntington to patronize the various restaurants and local business establishments.


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